Winter Weather Procedures

The City of Black Jack has established operating procedures for the City of Black Jack Public Works (PW) Department. They will provide for the maintenance of public streets during winter storms in the safest possible conditions, and in the most effective, productive, and economical manner with the least environmental impact.

A snow storm affects the total community and results in upsetting the normal routines of individuals, adversely effects businesses, causes hardship to schools, and causes hazards to the public safety. The function of the Public Works Department is probably one of the most visible operations of city government, and the public is very unforgiving of a failure to clear streets in a timely manner after a storm.

Order of Street Snow Plowing

   Snow routes and Collector streets,

   Hilly locations.

   City Hall parking lots (if the event is on a workday)

   Remaining residential streets


   Dead-end streets.

   The St. Louis County Department of Highways & Traffic maintainsParker Road, Old Jamestown Road, and Old Halls Ferry Road.

While it is still snowing the Public Works Department will be working to keep the snow routes and collector streets passable. When they have them clean and passable and it stops snowing, they will move on to the remaining streets.

 If you see a truck going down the street but not plowing snow, they are probably spreading salt or other snow/ice melting materials. The salting allows the movement of traffic. It also produces brine, which minimizes the adhesion of snow and ice to the pavement surface. When plowing operations begin, the snow and ice will come off easier resulting in a cleaner street.

View a detailed snow plowing street guide for further information about snow plow zones.