Establishing a Business

Commercial Occupancy Permits
The commercial occupancy permit verifies that the proposed business is located within the proper zoning district and meets all structural, fire, and health codes and is safe for occupancy. Contact the Black Jack Fire Marshal for fire inspection at  314-741-1000,  or visit the website.


Each time any part of commercial building changes tenants or owners, or anytime a new business is being proposed for a site, the new tenant or owner is required to apply in person at City Hall for a commercial occupancy permit in the Department of Public Works.

How to Apply

The first step to obtaining a commercial occupancy permit would be to submit an application to the Department of Public Works and Development. You will need to know the number of square feet your business will occupy, the name of the business owner, number of parking spaces available to your business, name of the building owner, including address and phone number.

This application must be accompanied with the appropriate fee. This is a one-time fee so long as your business occupies the same address. The fee covers costs for inspection of the proposed business premises. Fees are $50; upon receiving your application, the director of Public Works will verify whether or not the type and location of the proposed business is permitted under the City of Black Jack Zoning Code. If it is not a permitted use, you will be notified in writing.

Special Procedures

Certain businesses must go through special procedures to obtain zoning approval. (See information on conditional uses). However, if it is a permitted use, the director of Public Works will forward your application to the Building Inspector for an inspection.

During an inspection, the inspector will check for adequacy of exits, fire protection equipment, fire resistance, sanitary facilities, property maintenance code compliance, parking facilities, and landscaping in accordance with health and safety standards.

A commercial occupancy inspection of a residence deals with the space being used, the bathroom which serves it, and the general utilities. If the business meets all zoning, structural, fire, and health standards, a commercial occupancy permit will be issued. You will then be notified by mail to pick up the commercial occupancy permit and pay for your business license at the City Clerk's Office.

Selling Food
For further information of selling food, you will need to call the St. Louis County Health Department, North Sector, 21 Village Square, Hazelwood, Missouri 63045, at 314-615-7471.